Kuroko no Basuke Chapter 257:Seirin vs Rakuzan.
  • My thoughts before anything: maybe if i wasn't ugly
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Oh gee, I wonder what pokemon might attack if I smash that rock

I ran into an Onix while smashing rocks on the beach and this is the image I had in my mind


some people get mad at op because luffy never kills anyone but oda said once that it’s basically because luffy wants them to be alive to see their dream crumble around them which luffy thinks is worse than death and that’s actually metal as hell

Vongola Decimo and Guardians
  • SPN season 1: Aw man we can't impersonate homeland security. That is illegal!
  • SPN season 8: HahaHAHa FBI SO LEGIT look at my badge it says 'Han Solo'.
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akashi or aomine asked by kuropiece

i’m okay

yeah i’m really not but it’s not like it matters or anything